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Find the best homeowners insurance for your property

Homeowners insurance is designed to protect you from the things that can damage your home, belongings, or hurt you financially. It covers wind/hail damage, fires, lightning, theft, and more. Plus, it covers injuries that occur on your property and lawsuits against you, such as someone suing you because they were hurt at your home.

When you get your free homeowners insurance quote, many of your coverages will be automatically included. Plus, you can add even more. That’s just one of the many reasons we’re #1 in online home insurance quotes.* Get a quote today - we have expert agents standing by to guide you through your choices.

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Ways to save

Affordable home insurance that can help you save

Bundle homeowners and auto

Save another 10% or more when you combine Progressive home and auto.Δ Your discount will be applied to your auto policy.

See more on bundling insurance

Quote in advance

Plan ahead and save. Get a home insurance quote 10 days before your policy actually starts to save.

Alarm systems and safety devices

You could earn extra discounts for fire alarms, burglar alarms, automatic sprinklers, and security systems in your home.

New purchase

Earn an extra discount if you're purchasing a new home (doesn't have to be newly built) or switching from a current renters policy.

We have a network of home insurance companies we work with and can connect you with. This gives you more price and coverage choices when quoting. The availability and amounts of discounts can vary by company and your state.

Homeowners insurance coverages that give peace of mind

Standard Coverages

Repair/rebuild your home and other structures

Temporary living expenses

Injuries and lawsuits against you

Your personal possessions

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When you need homeowners insurance

Homeowners insurance is for you if you own a home, vacation home, or are purchasing a home. Your mortgage lender will likely require you to get a policy to insure your property, plus you’ll want to safeguard what is likely your most valuable asset. Simply get a homeowners insurance quote online and we’ll help you get the coverages you need and take care of the details with your lender.

If you own a condo, townhouse, or row home you will need condo insurance instead. For renters living in an apartment, dorm room, condo, or house, we offer renters insurance to help protect your belongings. Renting a property to someone else? Call 1-855-347-3939 to learn about our specialized coverage for landlords.

Protect your entire house with a homeowners insurance policy

More questions about homeowners insurance? Get Answers here

Progressive Answers is your quick guide to homeowners insurance, from choosing specific coverages to pricing information. Have questions about other types of insurance? We have those Answers too.

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