Protection that's specific to your home

Mobile home insurance is similar to homeowners insurance, but instead you get specialized coverage for your factory-built home. Whether you need manufactured home insurance or modular home insurance, Progressive can customize a policy to meet the needs of your property.

Types of mobile homes

Modular home characteristics

  • Built off-site in a factory and then transported to a specific location
  • May be on a permanent foundation instead of being tied down
  • Can be placed on a basement or crawlspace
  • May have multiple levels
  • Manufactured to satisfy local and state building codes

Manufactured home characteristics

  • Constructed on a movable steel chassis with just one level
  • Manufactured in sections and transported to the building site on wheels
  • Typically less expensive per square foot than site-built homes
  • Can be placed on a basement or crawlspace
  • Built to conform to federal (HUD) building codes

Mobile home insurance coverages

Standard coverages

The following protections are included on most mobile/modular home policies:




Loss of use

Extra coverage*

Depending on your provider and state, you may be able to add additional protection, including:

Replacement cost coverage

Trip collision coverage

Single deductible benefit

How to get insurance for your mobile home

Quote online or call 1-855-423-8307 and experience how easy it is to safeguard your manufactured or modular home. Here are a handful of things to know so we can provide the most accurate quote:

  • How is the home built? Know the basic details about your home’s construction, including the year it was built, square footage, and whether it’s considered manufactured or modular.
  • Is your home currently insured? If so, tell us your provider and how long you’ve had coverage.
  • Do you need special coverage, like flood insurance? If your home is in a flood zone or you live near a body of water, you may need separate flood insurance coverage.
  • Do you escrow or pay separately? You can certainly use an escrow account, plus we offer a range of payment options to fit your budget.

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